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When you erase files from your PC, sometimes they don't get completely deleted and you're able to recover them. This is fine if you erase a file by mistake and want to get it back, but when somebody else is trying to recover something you've deleted it's not so great.

Likewise, you may carry files you don't want anyone to see on your USB memory device. To guard against this risk, Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox is a tool that helps protect your privacy by encrypting documents and shredding confidential files.

This program will keep your information away from prying eyes and guarantee the security of your digital information. Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox can encrypt your files with a password so that only you can access them. How? Very easy: you just drag the file you want to protect to the program interface, click 'Encrypt,' and set a password. When you open them again, you'll just have to decrypt them with the same process.

Thanks to this, you can send encrypted files safely and rest assured that only the authorized recipient can access them. The encryption technology used by Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox is military-grade and supports several encryption algorithms: 256-bit AES, 448-bit Blowfish, 256-bit Twofish, 480-bit SafeIT Algorithm, and MDS-Hash Algorithm.

Another of this program's great features lets you combine two functions: encrypting documents and shredding them afterwards, even destroying the original files as well.

Trial version works for 30 days.

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